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Dotaz k přátelům: jsou moje fotky na mojí zdi nějak pohoršující? Jsou nemravné? Možná jsem také nemravný a nevidím v těchto fotkách nic špatného. Přátelé, co si myslíte?

Question for my friends: are my pictures on my wall somehow obscene? Are they naughty? Maybe I am also naughty and I do not see anything wrong with these photos. Friends, what do you think?:

Katherine Toebes: I think they are obscene, Some people have young kids that like to look at their Facebook and don't want to have to cover up what comes up on their news feed.

Jiří Hrebenar: and what pictures with naked Pink?, it is not obscene.

Katherine Toebes: The one she doesn't have a shirt on

Sabrina Lovespink: Why ask someone's opinion if you're not gonna respect their opinion?..

Jiří Hrebenar: I wanted to know opinions of others what they think about it. Katherine Toebes thanks, adult humans behave exactly the way :-)

Jiří Hrebenar: Anyway, the world must be considered with perspective. I apologize for the naughty evil. We live in a world where sex is on TV every day, in every movie, even sex is in modern fairy tales. I do not find naked breasts are obscene. Photos of dressed women do not consider for obscene

Theresa Howard: i've never seen u post anything inapporpriate..now me on the other hand ..lets just say the jury is still out..lol Před 2 hodinami · To se mi líbí · 2.

Theresa Howard if pink did want people to see her without a shirt she wouldn't have had it taken!!!!! for all the people with a problem get over it and ur self!!!!!!

Katherine Toebes: Wow...